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UnitedHealthcare Phone Number

UnitedHealthcare Phone Number

At UnitedHealthcare, they are commitment to improving the quality health care and to the overall improvement of the health care industry. Offering their members enhanced access to health benefits and a line of products and services to make health care more affordable are a couple of the reasons to call UnitedHealthcare phone number when shopping for a new policy, or if you are simply looking to replace an existing one.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

UnitedHealthcare has aligned their commercial, Medicare and Medicaid businesses to support a single brand people can go to for benefits at any stage of life. With a network of over half a million physicians and health care professionals, 80,000 dentists and nearly 5,00 hospitals, UnitedHealthcare has the pieces in place to offer their 70 million customers the best possible options when it comes to their health care choices.

The companies that make up the UnitedHealthcare family are dedicated to providing quality care and strive to make constant improvements. Within the past five years, they have made significant investments and in technology, business processes and research and development, all in the hopes of improving the way care is delivered across the industry.

Online Tools and Resources

UnitedHealthcare offers their customers a wealth of information on their website or by calling UnitedHealthcare Phone Number. With a host of the latest news and research on geriatric resources, medical ID theft and healthcare reform, among many others, you can easily find answers to your questions about many of these topics that affect a variety of people.

Downloading medical forms, tools to help calculate the cost of care, and resources for patients of diverse ethnic cultures, UnitedHealthcare strives to keep their members secure and informed. By utilizing the Member Rewards program for Medicare Solutions, members have the chance to earn rewards for taking an active role and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By completely yearly wellness exams, members have the ability to earn a $15 prepaid card for each completed wellness form and work with UnitedHealthcare physicians or practices to receive their incentive rewards.

Contact UnitedHealthcare Phone Number

Prospective customers who are considering UnitedHealthcare to provide their benefits package can be certain they will receive the best customer service possible. By calling the UnitedHealthcare Phone Number at 800-666-7302, you can inquire about patient eligibility, benefits, check claim status, request information or review their privacy practices.