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The Blue Cross Blue Shield Difference

Blue Cross Blue Shield

One of the biggest names in the healthcare industry, Blue Cross Blue Shield has a lot to offer when searching for a benefits package. Nationwide, 96% of hospitals and 92% of professional providers have contracts with BCBS. A system made up of 37 local companies brought together by one Association, they have created a broad network which is dedicated to bring the best of service to their customers, their healthcare partners and the industry as a whole.

Call for a Quote: (800) 299-9264

When shopping for healthcare,Blue Cross Blue Shield makes their policy quotes very accessible. By simply calling the phone number above, you can get information on what is included and available for your budget or healthcare needs. With agents standing by, they can assist you with any further information you may need to make an informed decision on important policy questions.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has readily available information on Health and Wellness, Quality of Care, Healthcare Advocacy, Professional Development, and much more. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a central hub for not only beneficiaries of their policies, but of healthcare professionals as well.

Along with a daily blog that contains discounts and savings towards policies, there is a variety of up-to-date news on the healthcare industry and the new or impending changes that will impact their customers. Blue Cross Blue Shield makes staying connected within your healthcare community easy, by offering a variety of ways to stay informed by social media. With a membership with Blue Cross Blue Shield, you also have instant access to the Latest Blue365 Deals. Some offers consist of a percentage discount with a dietitian or discounted gym memberships.

Operating in all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico, Blue Cross Blue Shield has been in business for more than 80 years. By serving nearly 100 million people nationwide, BCBS has become a leader in the healthcare industry. Getting help finding a policy that suits the needs of your family is easy. By calling 800-666-7302, you will be connected with an agent in your area that will assist you.