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Regence Health Care Phone Number

Regence Health Care Phone Number

Calling the Regence Health Care phone number will show you how Regence prides itself on their values, ethics and honesty when it comes to doing business. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is high on their list of priorities, and work efficiently with internal and external partners to make sure all the needs of their members are fulfilled.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

A leader in their respective market, Regence Health Care’s employees each set a personal example of high ethics, diversity and trust in their decision making. Regence Health Care is also a pivotal member of their community, participating in a variety of organizations throughout the states where they provide coverage. From the American Heart Association to Second Harvest, Regence Health Care Community Partner organizations are an integral part of delivering on their missions for the future.

Regence Health Care Benefits

Available for residents of Oregon, Utah, Idaho and select counties of Washington State, Regence Health Care phone number provides a wide variety of plans and services for its members. Plans devised for individuals, families, small business or Medicare-eligible, customer service operators are standing by to help you pick the health care plan that fits your needs.

By calling the Regence Health Care phone number above, you can quickly get the answers to your questions. Finding the right healthcare package can be tricky, but rest assured, that when you call Regence Health Care, the customer service specialist assisting you will do everything they can to provide the latest information on benefits packages, doctors within their network, and help tailor your policy to meet the needs of your family.

Customer and Employee Loyalty

Regence Health Care not only cares about those who they do business with, but the 5000+ employees that work for them. Always taking inspiration and ideas from employees, Regence offers their employees a tiered health care benefit structure, so those who earn more pay more into their benefits, while the employees at lower level pay structures don’t have too.

Regence Health Care believes that sustainability goes a long way, and uses their community outreach efforts to help promote healthier children, tackle health disparities and organizations like The Cambia Health Foundation to seek to transform health care delivery.

Regence Health Care Phone Number

If you are looking for a new health care benefits package or are looking to replace an existing one, a good place to start is to call the Regence Health Care phone number above. Dedicated to customer service and to building a strong, ethical relationship with their members and employees, Regence Health Care customer service operators are ready and waiting to take your call at 800-666-7302.