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Oregon Health Plan

Oregon Health Plan

Seeking coverage with an Oregon health plan

Establishing your healthcare plan should be your priority if you have not done so already. Thanks in part to the passing of the affordable health care act in 2013, the insurance marketplace has seen an increase in reliable and accessible health insurance policies in order to make available coverage for millions of Americans who previously could not afford the coverage. It s a federal requirement to have some form of health care coverage, and one option for locating the proper services is through Oregon health plan options.

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Oregon Health Plan Options

The start of your search should be with the Oregon health plan exchange, or with the federal government website. These tools will help showcase individual and family health care plans that are available to you, as well as the costs of each. You will be able to verify your eligibility, compare prices, and determine the best course of action for applying. The Oregon health plan, as well as the juvenile companion policies under Healthy Kids can be applied for at anytime, with no closed registration period. If you have a need, you can apply.

You are also able to compare the individual plans with those offered by your company if you are a full time and eligible employee. Generally speaking, a company provided HMO plan is less expensive due to the group rates offered. However the drawback of this coverage is that it may not be adequate enough for your needs. If you have specialized care, you may not be able to realize any savings by going through the company plan. These plans are minimal and exist only to ensure your employer is complying with the law.

Seeking Personalized Oregon Health Plan Options

If you are over the age of 65, you should be enrolled in the heavily subsidized Medicare plan, or the Medicare Advantage plan. This is available to all Americans who meet the eligibility requirements. You may also decide to locate individual coverage on your own. The health care exchange web sites offer a solid listing of affordable policies, but these are by no means the only policies on the open market. The exchange had made insurance plans very competitive, and this has driven down the price on many of them. Simply take your time and use the tools at your disposal to find the right plan for you and your family. Call today at 800-666-7302 for more information about an Oregon health plan.