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Open Enrollment for Medicare Beneficiaries

open enrollment

Medicare’s annual open enrollment begins October 15. This will allow Medicare beneficiaries that want to make changes to their Medicare Advantage or prescription plans to do so.

Although this year the plans are fewer, it will still allow people plenty of different options during the open enrollment period.

It is crucial that Medicare beneficiaries compare their options that are available in their area to be certain that the plan covers doctors and drugs they need at the best price available. Don’t rely on the base price of a plan, as some individual plans have shown significant higher rates.

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Open enrollment begins October 15th and ends December 7th. This is the annual period of opportunity to switch from a private Medicare plan to a more traditional Medicare fee for service plan or vice versa.

The centers for Medicaid and Medicare services have released only some certainties about the plans and premiums for 2015. Details about drug formulas, provider networks and the like will be more detailed later in the fall. This is what is known so far:

Prescription Drug Plans Stand Alone

Part D of the stand alone drug plan will decrease 14%, bringing it down to 1001 plans. To date, this is the smallest number of offerings since the program began in 2006.

The consolidations of the drug plans are reducing choices which will cause many Medicare beneficiaries to choose lower cost plans during open enrollment.

It is critical for beneficiaries to evaluate their plan options as 70% of stand alone drug plan members will see an increase in their premiums if they stay with the same plans in the up coming year.

During open enrollment, Seniors have typically not switched plans. According to some studies, from the years 2006 through 2010, only 13% did switch plans.

Open Enrollment Medicare Advantage

Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans continues to increase as 30% of Medicare participants now use private plans which are managed healthcare plans that provide added benefits such as dental and vision. Open enrollment for 2015 predicts the number of plans will decrease by three percent, bringing it down to 2,450 with a gradual decline. For more information regarding open enrollment, call us today at 800-666-7302.