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OHP Phone Number

OHP Phone Number

Getting answers from the Oregon Health Plan exchange

The Oregon Health plan was established to bring budget conscious medical insurance plans to the millions of statewide residents who were going without due to outrageous corporate costs from private insurance companies. By calling the OHP phone number, participants can not only sign up for affordable health care under the provisions outlined in the affordable health care act of 2013, but can also comparison shop based on policy benefits, ask questions concerning existing and new policies, and adjust personal information to make the medical policies more efficient.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

OHP Phone Number

Even right now, there are changes taking effect with your existing insurance company’s policies, and staying ahead of these changes will provide you with improved coverage. The OHP phone number service center allows you quick access to commonly asked questions about general policy issues as well as personalized and specific concerns you might have. By calling the OHP phone number, you will be connected with a highly trained professional who is there is assist you with those concerns. It doesn’t matter if the inquiry is about established Medicare coverage concerns or about a privately held policy through the OHP.

Your phone call can concern issues such as coordinated care organizations (CCOs), patient centered care home programs for primary care, or any of the numerous administrative minutias associated with administration of electronic health care provisions. Medicare is often a nest of confusion with constant adjustment being made to the electronic health record program incentives.

Apply Through the OHP Phone Number

Your coverage plans can all be applied for through the OHP phone number, so you don’t even need to have access to a computer. Simply dial the number provided through your contact list and speak with a customer care representative. These professionals can assist you in comparison shopping for the policy that is right for you in order to provide an affordable health care plan that actually works the way it should. It doesn’t matter if you have an existing medical condition- all that matters is that you pick up the phone and start the process today. You have been without medical coverage for too long, and now that rates have dropped significantly thanks for increased market competition to entice new policy holders, you can be covered in a matter of minutes. Call the OHP phone number today and set up your policy, you won’t regret it. Call 800-666-7302 for more information.