We are not the government. We are not a health insurance company. Instead, we work with multiple health insurance providers and brokers, making it easy for you to compare several options -- all in one place.
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Nevada Health Link

Nevada Health Link

Your one-stop health care exchange in Nevada

The affordable health care act passed in 2013 allowed millions of Americans to access affordable insurance policies to cover themselves and their families. It also came to pass that small businesses were also able to utilize the services written into the bill in order to bring a reasonable health insurance possibility to their employees without taking half of their paycheck in return. The Nevada Health Link is the state of Nevada’s exchange under the federal guidelines, and within, customer can sign up, explore, and compare prices while shopping for health care solutions.

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Nevada Health Link

Designed with the specific interest of the Nevada resident and small business owner in mind, the Nevada Health Link offers a host of services that allow a user to do all of their insurance business in one central location. Insurance companies that are listed on the exchange must fit a rigorous profile in order to offer their services through the exchange. Nevada Health Link insurance providers must have a particular rating for history of business, and must offer affordable options with real user benefits.

These companies begin with comprehensive offerings for standard American household needs, as well as small business solutions for coverage. This includes medical care, emergency treatments, and limited long term disability options. The exchange also assists in facilitating Medicare and the associated increased benefits packages that are related to the program.

Signing Up with the Nevada Health Link

The site allows for side by side comparisons of insurance packages from various qualifying companies, allowing the consumer to choose the insurance package that is right for them. All fees, deductible plans, and premiums are up front so the client will never be blindsided with an unexpected shortfall in coverage.

The site also maintains a 24 hour customer help line, with highly trained professionals available for questions and answers. Buying insurance isn’t as simple as looking at costs, but quite confusing when looking at what coverage a policy actually guarantees. These customer care representatives are available online, on the phone, and even in person with an appointment.

Nevada Health Link Key Dates

The Nevada Health Link enrollment period is posted on the website, and allows for general submission of applications. There are extraneous circumstances, however, that keep enrollment open all year round, such as military separation, a birth in the family, and the likes. Medicare enrollment occurs year round. For more information about Nevada Health Link, call today at 800-666-7302.