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Molina Health Insurance Phone Number

Molina health insurance phone number

Molina Health Insurance phone number has been there for you for many generations. When you call, you are treated like family members, not just another customer.

The story behind Molina Health Insurance is one man’s belief that regarding healthcare, everyone should be treated like part of their family.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

In 1980, Dr. Molina had major concerns about low income, non-English speaking patients and uninsured families coming to the emergency room needing general healthcare services not having family doctors, therefore not receiving the right information and care. He wanted to do something about it.

In order to provide those families with a place to receive personalized, quality healthcare from Molina doctors, he opened a clinic in Long Beach, CA. Since then, two additional clinics have been opened and currently their clinics and healthcare plans serve people throughout the country. His original message to treat people like family has become Molina Health Insurance’s mission today.

They have never forgotten their roots. Molina children that once stocked shelves, filed medical records and swept floors now are leaders in the company’s strategic direction and operations.

You can always call the Molina Health Insurance phone number to get all your questions answered and gather more information. Childhood patients of Molina come back as adults along with their own children. Their members stay with Molina because they are treated like family and know how to properly take care of their medical needs providing them the right resources and tools to keep their families healthy.

Choosing a healthcare provider such as Molina, can assure you quality, affordable healthcare plans and service 24/7 by using the Molina Health Insurance phone number.

You can always call Find Health Care at 800-666-7302 for more information about affordable, quality health care plans.