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Medigap Plans

Medigap plans

Medigap Plans – Bolster your coverage with peace of mind

Medigap plans in addition to your regular basic insurance fills in the gaps that regular insurance simply doesn’t provide for. For example, your basic coverage might cover a hospital visit, but do you know if it’s for the emergency room or for a scheduled visit? It’s all those little details that your insurance company forgets to point out when you sign on the dotted line. They are, after all, a for profit company, they want to make some money to make their investors happy. They’re not in the business to look out for your well being. In fact, as long as you keep paying your monthly premiums, they couldn’t care less. It is all about profits, and slipping in vague and small print elements into your policy is a game they are very good at playing.

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Medigap Plans

Your Medigap policy covers everything your regular policy doesn’t. What’s great about this is that your current insurance company provides this policy, but more than likely didn’t tell you about it. In fact, if you ask to have one, they might stammer and stall – though they would eventually sell it to you. They want to make money, after all.

Your basic policy should cover what you need at the bare minimum. That’s how the affordable health care act was written. But understand, your policy, though affordable as far as your paycheck is concerned, does not do you family any justice when it comes to unscheduled appointments, accidents, and illnesses. For a monthly deductible of $200 a person, you might actually only be covering a portion of one doctor’s check up a year as long as you make the appointment a few months in advance.

Medigap plans ensure that your visits to the doctors, or the dentists if you have a dental rider, are covered under your plan. If you have a broken leg, and your basic insurance only covers 10%, your Medigap plans cover the remaining balance. It’s as simple as that.

Competitive Medigap Plans

One good thing about the vulture-like nature of insurance companies is that there are so many of them. This means viscous competition when it comes to offering plans to customers. In cases like this, clients can take their time and compare easily provided rate and Medigap plans in order to find the most affordable ones. The Medigap plans will cover what you need when you need it, now all you need to do is research how much each will cost you in the long run. For more information about Medigap plans, call 800-666-7302 today!