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Mass Health Phone Number

Mass Health phone number

When you call the Mass Health phone number, you can get information regarding health insurance programs for low to medium income Massachusetts residents. In Massachusetts, the national healthcare program called Medicaid is combined with the Children’s Health Insurance Program also referred to as CHIP and is called Masshealth.

MassHealth Programs are for:

People needing long term care
Mental health clients
Women that are pregnant
People unemployed
People that are HIV positive
Women with cervical or breast cancer
Caretakers and parents of children
People working for small businesses

Even if you already have health insurance, call the Mass Health phone number, as you may still qualify for MassHealth insurance. Typically, family income is the determining factor for eligibility. They may provide you with healthcare insurance directly, or they may pay all or part of your private healthcare premiums.

MassHealth is run by Human Services and the Executive Office of Health and is a state run agency. Both the Federal and State government pay the costs for MassHealth.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

The Medicare program is different from the MassHealth insurance program. The Social Security Administration runs Medicare and pays for medical care for those over 65 who are currently receiving Social Security benefits and for those that are disabled. Family income is not a factor to be eligible for Medicare.

Mass Health Phone Number

MassHealth Insurance programs are based on public need.

If you are covered by Medicare, it is still possible for you to get MassHealth insurance if you are a low income family. This situation is referred to as dual eligibles. MassHealth would pay for part or all of the Medicare deductibles, medical bills and premiums that are not covered by Medicare. If you become a dual eligible, you have to sign up for a Medicare drug plan in order to get prescription medication coverage. Call the Mass Health phone number or call us at 800-666-7302 for more information.