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Finding A Low Cost Health Insurance Plan

Low Cost Health Insurance Plan

In today’s world, it is getting easier to find more options when it comes to a low cost health insurance plan. With new programs like the Affordable Care Act in place, Americans are finding it easier to explore their options.

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Depending on your income, there is a low cost health insurance plan out there for you. Whether you get coverage through a Marketplace, Medicaid or a community medical center, looking for these plans online gives the shopper a myriad of options. Using your computer or smart phone, you can apply or call the phone number above to start the application process.

Exploring a Marketplace for a low cost health insurance plan is a great place to start looking. Health status and gender do not affect the prices plans listed in the Marketplace. The five factors that can affect the plans are the level of the plan category, location, family size, age and tobacco use. The Department of Health and Human Services estimate that more than 500,000 18- to 34- year old’s have used a Marketplace to find their health insurance plan.

If applying for Medicaid, family size and income are contributing factors to the coverage you qualify for. With online tools like a family household income chart and a Kaiser Family Foundation calculator, you can easily see where your family would fall when searching for a low cost health insurance plan. Operators are also standing by to help find the plan that fits your family and budget best.

The first step in looking for a low cost health insurance plan is to look at the amount of coverage you or your family many need. A higher deductible means lower monthly payments. Call us at 800-666-7302 to get all the information you need to choose a low cost health insurance plan that meets your needs!