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Kaiser Permanente Phone Number

Kaiser Permanente Phone Number

For more than 60 years Kaiser Permanente Phone Number has been providing quality health care for its members. By taking steps to ensure customer safety, privacy and fraud prevention, and working continuously to improve the care offered through their products and services. Improved care translates into improved health for their members, and their goals of high-quality care makes that possible.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

At Kaiser Permanente, they believe good health care begins with a good relationship with your physician, as well as their own health care professionals and support staff. Using a coordinated approach means that their members reap the benefits of the shared expertise of the Kaiser care teams.

Physicians, Research and Innovative Technology

Kaiser Permanente has a large network of trusted, caring physicians, with whom they have built a culture of life-long learning, communication and teamwork. The physicians affiliated with Kaiser Permanente receive ongoing training on new medical technology, medications and education on culturally competent care.
With the latest in technology, Kaiser Permanente strives to make their members’ medical visits as easy as possible. Medical charts are no longer color coded and stacked in the doctor’s office, and no more waiting for your paperwork to be delivered from one office to another. Their electronic medical system gives all the health care professionals in Kaiser’s network instant access to your medical information as needed.

Through their website, patients are able to use their personal computers to check certain test results, or to double check on their doctor’s appointments and times. By using their convenient and free “My Health Manager” online tool, patients can also access their health information, 24/7.

Promoting Patient Safety

When you call the Kaiser Permanente phone number to inquire or purchase a health care package, you are conducting business with a company that puts patient safety at the top of their priority list. The professionals at Kaiser believe that patient safety not only comes first, but it is the right of every patient to have peace of mind and that it is the responsibility of their employees to ensure that peace of mind when it comes to their confidentiality.

Kaiser Permanente’s patient safety programs focus on clear communication. They are always developing and implementing new programs to ensure patient safety, providing training and support among their health care teams and providing interpreters, multilingual education tools and assistive technologies to accommodate specialized patient care.

Contact Kaiser Permanente Phone Number

Call the Kaiser Permanente Phone Number at 800-666-7302 for more information on their wide variety of health care benefit packages. Qualified customer service representatives are standing by to assist you in choosing the plan that suits your needs and budget.