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Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance

The way it works today is that everyone is required to have their own individual health insurance plan implemented at all times. This insurance can be through your current employer, a private insurance firm, or any state or nationally organized insurance company. In any case it is now a requirement that all United States Citizens are insured and failure to comply with this federal requirement can lead to the prosecution of the individual who is not in compliance. This new law or requirement falls under the Affordable Health Care Act which was recently passed and put into operation. This new bill is also known as Obama Care, and is newly in effect.

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While it may take time for any penalties to be put into effect for those not in compliance with this new Individual Health Care system because it is such a new effect, the fact remains that the penalties will arise eventually, and the penalties will most likely be retro-active meaning that they will be accumulative for the years that the individual in question did not comply with the new law.

This isn’t meant to scare you or to be used as terror tactics, this is simply stating the true fact that the new law is here and it’s better to be prepared and to adapt to the new way of individual health insurance than to let it go and deal with the consequences later. It’s not as bad as it sounds ether; it simply means that the individual is now held completely responsible for their own health insurance plan.

There are several options the individual has to obtaining insurance and all are valid. Another important aspect to remember is that if you missed the last sign up date, there will be another held in November of this year, and since the law is newly in effect, the United States Government is being very lenient on applying penalties for not complying with the new law immediately. For the most part they are giving each person a buffer of time to get their own individual health insurance set up and in place. Just call us today at 800-666-7302 for more information on an affordable individual health insurance plan.

This means that there is no reason to be fearful; this article is simply to put into your mind the reality of the new health plan and to get you in compliance with it as soon as possible. While the government may be lenient at this time, that will not typically last and we will most likely see the penalties in full force starting next year.