We are not the government. We are not a health insurance company. Instead, we work with multiple health insurance providers and brokers, making it easy for you to compare several options -- all in one place.
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ICAN insurance

ICan Insurance

Affordable health care made easy

ICAN insurance has been providing quality health care coverage for clients with a mission to make available a wide variety of health coverage options. ICAN insurance policies comply with federal and state requirements of availability, allowing customers a selection that will fit every need. They are fully compliant with the affordable care act, and offer not only primary policies for those in need of compliance with the law, but also a wide selection of supplemental plans for those with no or minimal coverage. Their highly trained customer care specialists can review your needs and assist with locating the perfect policy for not only your coverage needs, but also you budget.

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ICAN Insurance

The company currently maintains policies for thousands of clients through the commercial arm of the business, the iCan Benefit Group. Their focus has always been the best interests of their clients, bringing affordable options for those in need of adequate coverage. Even before the affordable health care act made inexpensive health care policies mandatory, ICAN insurance was on the front lines finding ways to lower costs of not only every day claim types, but specialized in unexpected costs as well.

The first consideration of the customer care team at ICAN insurance is to determine how your budget and your needs balance out. Existing medical conditions require uninterrupted treatment, such as diabetes, heart trouble, orthopedic coverage, and physical therapy. Once the particulars are understood, you will have a frank discussion with your agent to find the policy that is right for you, basing your monthly budget into consideration for premiums and deductibles per physician visits.

ICAN Insurance Mission

Everything comes down to serving the customer in the best way possible, offering reliable coverage for those with existing conditions as well as those simply looking to pick up health care insurance for the first time in order to be compliant with the statutes and regulations associated with the affordable health care act. ICAN insurance ensures full disclosure of the fees and costs of your policy so you will never be blindsided by an unexpected expense. Call today at 800-666-7302 for more information about ICan Insurance.

To reach this goal, you will speak with real live ICAN insurance agents looking out for your best interests. Designing a personalized insurance policy is not something to be done in a cookie cutter fashion. Your particulars need to be considered in order to provide the best coverage available. ICAN insurance not only relies on your trust in this, but counts on it.