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Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Healthcare-10Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield serves the Garden State, and has its headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey. Currently Horizon BCBS provides healthcare coverage to 3.2 million people throughout the state. As a not-for-profit organization, there are no shareholders, allowing the 15-member Board of Directors to govern the company.

Known best for their managed care and traditional indemnity plans for individuals and employers, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield has been in business since 1932, being the nation’s first Blue Cross Plan. Horizon Healthcare Innovations Programs is a part of the Horizons BCBS, working with doctors, hospitals and other healthcare leads to implement patient-centered programs, with the hope to improve the quality and cost of health care and increase patient satisfaction.

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Some of these programs include Patient-Centered Medical Home program, which is focused on improving care coordination and strengthening primary care services. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers international coverage, dental services, BlueCard Program, LabCorp services, ICORE healthcare, CareCore National, Horizon Behavioral Health and Pharmacy programs.

Why join Horizons Blue Cross Blue Shield? They value their relationships with their participating doctors and healthcare professionals and pave the way for open communication between all parties involved in your health care plan. They are committed to providing those physicians with the information and tools they need to best serve you and your family.

Do you need to shop for supplemental insurance, or a new policy? Following the guidelines under the Affordable Care Act, the next open enrollment period for 2015 is the time to do so. With so many different companies, marketplace offers, policy options, it may make the process daunting and frustrating.

By calling the Find Healthcare Helpline at 800-666-7302 today, you can speak to one of the customer service representatives about open enrollment, or any questions you may have regarding policies and options with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Open enrollment may not come around again until November of 2014, but there is no need to wait to get all your questions answered.