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Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

A caring professionHighmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is designed to provide their customers with the highest quality coverage, affordable plans and solutions to their problems. Their employees become leaders in the health care field, always trying to improve the complete health care experience for their customers.

The values of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield are simple. They believe that people matter, and every one of their customers contributes to their overall success. Along with a belief in trust, integrity, courage, innovation and customer-focused collaboration, they are also always working toward improving the health and wellness of the communities they serve.

Based out of Pittsburgh, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield serves members across the United States. Currently, they offer insurance plans in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia, including over 5 million members and approximately 20,000 employees. Highmark is currently the fourth largest Blue Cross Blue Shield-affiliated company.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield offers health care packages to 21 different counties of central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley. Working in conjunction with various partners they also offer packages to entire state of Delaware, West Virginia, and Washington County, Ohio.

Wanting to give their customers the best possible experience, they have a number of features that could help you find the lowest premiums for the best coverage. If you want to find out if you could qualify for lower premium costs by using their tax savings estimator.

To help make health coverage more affordable, the government I offering a new tax credited called Advance Premium Tax Credit. Based on your family size and income, if you qualify it could help lower your monthly insurance costs. First, submit your application to the health Insurance Marketplace, and browse the various plans and products available.

After completing your Marketplace application, you can browse Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and see how the compare to other companies who offer coverage in your area. You will need to have some documentation to complete the application, but it should take no more than approximately 30 minutes.

Call 800-666-7302 today for more information on getting health care coverage through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.