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Government Health Insurance

government health insurance

In 2013, before the Obamacare Act was completely implemented, there were over one million people in the US enrolled in government health insurance plans.

According to the Census Bureau, these million people enrolled in government health insurance equaled over 34% of the nation’s population.

Over 40 million or just about 13% of the nation’s population were uninsured.

So when added together, these people who where either in government health insurance plans or uninsured equaled almost 50% of the nation’s population.

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Those enrolled in government health insurance plans in 2013, out numbered those who worked year round, full time in the year 2013.

According to the Census Bureau, almost 17 million of those who worked full time all year were employed by the local, state or federal government and just about 90 million worked in the private sector.

So those that were enrolled in government health insurance plans in the year 2013 outnumbered those full time workers in the private sector by over 18 million.

Some of the programs included in government health insurance are CHIP, Medicaid, Medicare, care provided by the Department of veterans Affairs and military, CHAMPVA and Tricare.

When surveys are conducted by the Census Bureau, they counted the insured if they had any type of health insurance for part of or the entire previous year. They counted the uninsured if they didn’t have any health insurance at all during the year.

In 2013, some people were enrolled in more that one health insurance plan. Also, there were those that had more than one plan at the same time and still others that had different health insurance plans at different times.

Prior to full implementation of Obamacare, government control of healthcare had reached the halfway point for children under six, with over 45 percent of that age group using government health insurance plans in 2013. Of all those under the age of 18, over 40 percent were already enrolled in a government health insurance plan for that same year.

Data users should be cautious when comparing the new health insurance survey from 2014 estimates with estimates from the previous year according to the Census Bureau.

The US is falling fast to having the government completely controlling healthcare. Along with control of government health insurance will be control of some other important consequential decisions we will make in our lives.

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