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Get Covered Ohio

Get Covered Ohio

Get Covered Ohio is starting a Get Covered America campaign with consumers about the benefits of healthcare coverage and the new options they will have beginning October 1st.

Starting in the fall, affordable health insurance will become available to millions of Americans who truly need it and Get Covered Ohio will be there to spread the word about options and enrollment. Get Covered Ohio will be engaging consumers by knocking on doors, gathering at information sessions along with working with community centers and organizations.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

Because of the Affordable Care Act, Get Covered Ohio will present its new Health Insurance Marketplace allowing people to comparison shop health insurance rates. These plans will cover hospital stays, doctor visits, prescriptions, preventative care and much more. Ohio families will also get financial assistance if needed.

Get Covered Ohio will also reach out to residents of Columbus and Cincinnati through strategy sessions to talk about how to best engage local residents about the new healthcare options. Get Covered Ohio volunteers will speak to residents door to door in additional cities such as Zanesville, Millersburg, Cleveland and Toledo.

Get Covered Ohio campaign will additionally launch social media and online communications to help inform consumers with important information needed to shop for health insurance, sign up for coverage and find out qualifications for financial assistance.

Get Covered Ohio volunteers and staff are dedicated people working with organizations such as schools, health centers places of worship and community centers to get the word out about the new marketplace. They have also teamed up with the Legal Aid Society to educate consumers on the new healthcare marketplaces. Call Find Health Care at 800-666-7302 for more information.