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Get Covered Kansas

Get Covered Kansas

Get Covered Kansas provides the fastest way to find out more about Obamacare in Kansas.

Our health is something we all value. Being ill can cause both financial and emotional stress. Health insurance can help protect you against high healthcare expenses.

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Below, Get Covered Kansas is providing accurate information regarding Obamacare in Kansas, including:

Do you have to get health insurance?
What do the available healthcare plans cover?
What does the health coverage cost?
How do you sign up for a healthcare plan?

Get Covered Kansas wants you to keep in mind the following key points about Obamacare in Kansas:

Unless you qualify for an exemption, you must have health insurance

In order to avoid paying a tax penalty, starting March 31, 2014, you have to have a healthcare plan in place or at least qualify for an exemption. You will have to report the coverage or exemption when filing your 2015 tax return.

Shop for affordable healthcare plans by calling us at 800-666-7302, our agents are standing by to help.

Kansas residents can call Find Healthcare for more information about choosing plans, applying for cost saving subsidies and any other help they need.

If you currently are uninsured, Get Covered Kansas suggests to use the marketplace to comparison shop and get enrolled in a health plan that best fits your needs.

If you are already insured privately or through your workplace, you can keep your plan or use the marketplace to shop for a new one.

Get Covered Kansas suggests you find out if you qualify for any subsidies that could save you money.

Get Covered Kansas exchange can save you money on your health insurance plan. Savings such as new tax credits help to reduce your out of pocket costs for care or lower your premiums.

Get Covered Kansas suggests that if your income is really low, you could qualify for low cost or free coverage via Medicaid in Kansas.