We are not the government. We are not a health insurance company. Instead, we work with multiple health insurance providers and brokers, making it easy for you to compare several options -- all in one place.
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Get Covered California

Get Covered Caifornia

Get Covered California offers their customers service in a number of different ways such as their Service Center helpline and a TTY for those that are hearing impaired. They always have certified agents and counselors standing to help with any questions or needed information.

Get Covered California focuses on providing their residents with only quality, affordable healthcare, making sure the population has fair and equal access to affordable healthcare plans. Even those Californians with low income have the same advantage to obtain quality care including mental health, treatment for substance abuse, medical, and long term care.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

Get Covered California is always striving to better themselves to provide better service to their policy holders. They can extend their reach throughout the state to help find new ways to provide affordable, quality healthcare to those uninsured through their extensive marketing research.

Get Covered California always provides the opportunity to choose a plan that presents the best price and the best care. You can easily speak to a qualified representatives who are there to help determine if you qualify for free, or low cost health insurance that can’t be dropped or denied because of a pre-existing condition or possible qualify for Medi-Cal.

Get Covered California has such a wide variety of partners and programs to keep you in touch with the latest policy changes and procedures in the healthcare system and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Get Covered California has developed a user friendly marketplace where residents can get coverage that can’t be cancelled or turned down because of sickness or a pre-existing illness.

Get Covered California has agents standing by to take your call and answer any questions you may have regarding healthcare. Whether it may be about an application that has been submitted or benefits you have as an existing customer, they are their to help. You can also call us at 800-666-7302 to get all your questions answered as well.