Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Does Medicare cover dental

Does Medicare cover dental? If you need basic dental care for the oral care, Medicare will not cover basic dental services. Medicare will not cover costs for cleanings, fillings or check-ups. If you are in need of dentures, Medicare will never foot the bill for that. Medicare will not even cover dentures if they have paid for teeth to be extracted to prepare for a medical procedure, that cost is on you.

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However, there are private Medicare health plans that will cover basic dental services. If you have a private Medicare health plan, take a look to see exactly what dental services are covered.

Medicare will however cover some dental services if the procedure is required to protect your health in general or dental care is needed for another health issue that is covered by Medicare in order to be successful.

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Medicare will cover dental if…

In the hospital you get an oral exam because of a certain procedure such as a kidney transplant or in a federally qualifies clinic for a heart valve replacement.

You have oral cancer and the jaw is involved and are in need of dental services necessary for radiation treatment

You had reconstruction of part of the jaw from removing a facial tumor

You are in need of surgery to fix jaw or face fractures

You had jaw surgery and need dental wiring and splints

Although Medicare may cover some original dental services, they will not cover the costs for follow-ups after the health condition has been treated. In other words, if Medicare paid for a tooth extraction as part of facial surgery, it will not pay for other dental care later on because of the tooth you had extracted.

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Yes, if it is dental related hospitalizations such as:

An infected tooth after it was removed

A dental procedure that can be a threatening health condition that requires observation

Medicare will not cover the dentist or other doctor’s fee for services such as anesthesiologists or radiologists. They will cover the costs of your hospital stay including x-rays, room and board and anesthesia.

Even though Medicare may pay for hospital in-patient care under some circumstances, they will never pay for any dental services that are excluded from the original Medicare such as dentures, even though you maybe hospitalized.

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