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Covered Oregon

Covered Oregon

Covered Oregon is another way to enroll in healthcare

With the application, Covered Oregon, you can apply for the Oregon Health Plan and other coverage. Oregonians can visit the new online marketplace to comparison shop healthcare insurance and also find out if you qualify for help in paying for private health insurance with financial assistance.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

Use the online application form at Covered Oregon, then either fax it or mail it to Covered Oregon after printing out the completed form. You can also have an application mailed to you by calling Covered Oregon. The applications are available in many different languages. Another way to apply is through Covered Oregon insurance agent or a Covered Oregon community partner. Call Find Health Care at 800-666-7302 to get help from someone in your area. Help with the application from a Covered Oregon community partner or agent is free. Applications are also available at your local DHS Branch Office. However, the staff at DHS are not able to help with the application process.

Applying for Covered Oregon with a paper application

Covered Oregon is offering new healthcare plans even though you may have heard that the website is not yet open to process eligibility for private or OHP coverage. Don’t let that prevent you from applying for healthcare coverage right away. The state of Oregon is providing additional resources for paper applications to be processed so everyone can take advantage of the new healthcare benefits.

Covered Oregon

With Covered Oregon, no one will be turned down because of existing health conditions and anyone can apply regardless of their income.

Covered Oregon is one-stop shopping for all types of coverage. Filling out just one application allows you to see what exactly you are eligible for:

Financial assistance
Private health insurance
Oregon Health Plan/Healthy Kids