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Blue Shield of California Phone Number

Blue Shield of California Phone Number

A not-for-profit company, Blue Shield of California provides access to affordable, high-quality benefits and insurances packages to the residents of California through the Blue Shield of California Phone Number. Guided by their mission and values, they encourage innovation, and strive to be the catalyst for change.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

Blue Shield of California believes that maintaining a good working relationship with their members is key to a building successful partnership. Whether it is with their customers, internal or external partners, Blue Shield of California conducts their business with honest and ethical practices, by promising their members to keep their health, privacy and well-being at the forefront of their concerns.

Health and Wellness

The overall health and wellness of their members is an important part of Blue Shield of California. With a variety of online tools, members can access programs, nurses and referrals 24/7 to help guide them to finding the right kind of assistance they may be seeking. Once you are a member of Blue Shield of California, you have access to Wellness Discount Programs, the Wellvolution daily challenges, and a library of health videos to keep you up to date on the latest information from experts in their respective fields.

Getting a Health Insurance Quote With the Blue Shield of California Phone Number

Getting a quote for a health insurance benefits package can be daunting task. When you call the Blue Shield of California phone number at 800-666-7302, a customer service specialist is there to help you every step of the way in determining the right plan, amount of coverage, and physician options to best fit the needs of you, your family or your small business.

For residents in the state of California, BSC is happy to help you shop for plans, see if you qualify for a cost break on your insurance, or even gather information on your current prescriptions and whether they are covered or not under a new plan. Just call the Blue Shield of California Phone Number at 800-666-7302 for more information.

Blue Shield of California makes the overwhelming job of shopping for a benefits package easy. Call the Blue Shield of California phone number today to hear your options on the extensive list of coverage choices they offer. Operators are standing by 24/7 to assist you with quotes, your application, or even general information about their products and services.