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BCBS Illinois

BCBS Illinois

BCBS Illinois is a division of Health Care Service Corporation which has an independent license of BCBS Association. BCBS is highly recognized throughout the nation as the leader in the health insurance industry. BCBS is visible in over 160 countries around the world. Over 97 million Americans are insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield of all the locations combined.

BCBS Illinois Health Insurance Options

BCBS Illinois offers many options for your healthcare insurance needs through BCBS plans regardless of your family situation or budget.

BCBS Illinois is dedicated to the communities of Illinois to provide quality, affordable health insurance plans. They take pride in investing in their communities needs giving their talents and their time to make Illinois a better place.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

BCBS Illinois is the most experienced health insurance company in the state. We provide more than 7.2 million members with affordable and comprehensive healthcare plans.

The mission of BCBS Illinois is to help their members be and remain healthy. The outreach efforts area cornerstone of their business. This is an important part of the foundation to provide better healthcare for everyone.

Employees of BCBS Illinois are committed to the wellness of every policy member and they work tirelessly to develop and support new products for their members’ changing needs.

BCBS Illinois Pros and Cons


BCBS Illinois is accepted by the majority of healthcare providers
BCBS is well established with great financial strength
HSA plans and a variety of healthcare plans available


The main website does not provide much information about the different insurance products
Some people feel because the company is so large, there is not enough personalized service

BCBS Illinois wants every American to have access to affordable, quality healthcare insurance. Call us today at 800-666-7302 for more information on affordable healthcare insurance plans.