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Anthem BCBS Phone Number

Anthem BCBS Phone Number

The health care professionals and support staff at Anthem BCBS Phone Number understand that your health is what connects us. They are dedicated to delivering the best care possible to their members, at a great value, while helping to improve community health.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

Anthem BCBS uses the Health On the Net Foundation, a system utilized to improve the quality of health information on the net, so their members can ensure that Anthem BCBS complies with the eight principals used by HONcode.

Road to Good Health

Health & Wellness is an important tool when trying to maintain a long, active lifestyle. At Anthem BCBS, they believe the road to good health doesn’t have to be traveled alone. Whatever aspect of your health that you are managing, making healthy changes or even quitting smoking, they are there to help. By calling the Anthem BCBS Phone Number, you have access to a health care specialist that can give you the help you need.

Available as an online tool, Anthem BCBS has included a Health Assessment quiz to determine where your overall health status stands. By identifying health risks and seeing how your overall health compares to other members, you can use this tool to determine what steps you would need to take to improve your health and lifestyle.

Health Insurance Plans

Anthem BCBS Phone Number offers a wide variety of insurance plans. Besides packages for small business, individuals or families, you can also obtain information on Dental or Vision plans, and Medicare Solutions. When it comes to health care, Anthem knows that not every plan is a one-size fits all. They have a wide range of options so you can compare plans and obtain the best coverage to suit your individual needs.

Commitment to Community Involvement

Anthem BCBS supports not-for-profit organizations that benefit diverse populations. With their Health Generations program, there is a multi-generational initiative that provides funding to people of all ages with the goal to improve the health of their communities. Whether it is helping mothers and their babies thrive, getting kids up and moving or volunteering practices, Anthem knows that making a difference in people’s lives starts with awareness and education.

Contacting Anthem BCBS Phone Number

Call the Anthem BCBS Phone Number at 800-666-7302 to speak with a health care professional. Operators are standing by to assist you with the information you need to make the best choice possible when it comes to health care benefits for you and your family.