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Your Destination for Arizona Healthcare

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is the state-wide destination for accessing your health care benefits details and concerns. Designed with an intuitive platform to allow a user to easily and quickly gain information concerning new, existing, and considered health care documentation, AHCCCS online brings the simplicity of health care inquiries straight to your living room.

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AHCCCS Online Registration

AHCCCS online is a free service provided to customers within the umbrella of Arizona exchange members, and if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s as simple as accessing the website and registering for free. This allows each user the convenience of at hand records and answers to policy questions, as well as additional services associated with AHCCCS online health care provisions.

The site is setup with lists of one click solutions, each specifically written to provide direct information on the topic selected. The site also offers AHCCCS online fee for service technical assistance documents the assist registered providers with easy and stress free access to the online website database and support center.

AHCCCS Online Services Provided

The site offers an efficient way for registered users to conveniently search and discover specifics concerning their particular health care policies and general concerns. Users can maintain communication with their fee for service claim statuses, as well as the fee for service claim submission filings and updates. Members can also create entries to update personal information such as address updates and complete verifications for eligibility and enrollment statuses.

For those with a new member in the family, users can update family statuses with a newborn notification application. In the same vein, AHCCCS online customers can review prior authorization inquiries and the required provider information found in particular policy documents. These include authorized signatures as well as the various group affiliations of the parties and companies involved with the AHCCCS online registration. There are also documents illustrating the regional demographics of Arizona coverage zones and the spread of available health care options. Last but not least, users can locate the correspondence addresses of their particular party of interest, and see a running history of any and all informational updates.

There is also a state of the art, intuitive access portal through AHCCCS for provider verifications, concerning the information requests needed for enrollment, confirmation of business addresses and any medical services provided by the organization under review. Call 800-666-7302 for more information regarding AHCCCS online services.