AARP Health Insurance Phone Number

AARP Health Insurance phone number

Calling the AARP Health Insurance phone number will make AARP an ally in your corner providing services and products that have been carefully researched and evaluated meeting high standards of quality and service.

ACA, the Affordable Care Act is there to improve access to affordable, adequate healthcare coverage for people with lower incomes, pre-existing medical conditions and for all older adults.

For more information, call 800-299-9264

Employee sponsored healthcare coverage is in a decline while the people ages 50 to 64 at risk for high cost healthcare is rising.

More than thirty percent of people in that age group have to spend ten percent of their income on healthcare, compared to eighteen percent of people ages 19 to 49. People that are purchasing healthcare insurance in the individual market are spending high costs out of pocket for their health care insurance. Since the year 2000, there are 3.7 million more uninsured adults. Find out how you can lower the cost of health insurance by calling the AARP Health Insurance phone number at 800-666-7302.

AARP’s Public Policy examines availability for health insurance coverage for people ages 50 to 64, confronting issues such as health care spending, the impact of the ACA, the uninsured and those not covered by employers.

As we move forward with the Affordable Care Act, and the debate about how we need to improve our system of healthcare continues, we need to take a look at how the system measures up for people most at risk; that would be adults from 50 to 64.

AARP Health Insurance Phone Number Can Provide Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans:

Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

AARP Health Insurance phone number can also provide information about discounts, health products and services available to AARP members such as:

Care giving advice and help
Walgreen’s Wellness Tour
Discounts for hearing
Discounts for vision
Emergency response system
Dental insurance
Discounts on prescriptions