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Why a Healthcare Insurance Exchange Can Change the Future of Benefits

Finding good Healthcare can be a difficult and confusing task to accomplish. When major changes affected a lot of American’s coverage in the fall of 2013, The Affordable Care Act was there to try and help regain access to healthcare by using methods like a Healthcare Insurance Exchange.

What is a Healthcare Insurance Exchange exactly? While there are different types of exchanges, you can consider it an online marketplace. It is a place where people can research their healthcare options and compare them side by side. Run by the government or individually by each state, Healthcare Insurance Exchanges exist not only for the individual, but for small business employers looking for a better way to offer benefits to their employees.

For families who are unable to obtain benefits from their employers, a Healthcare Insurance Exchange can be a viable option to meet their needs. Experts agree that by 2016, a majority of Americans will be using these exchanges to cover themselves and their families.

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Whether you are new to looking for health insurance, or want to explore your options, a marketplace is a great place to start. Most Healthcare Insurance Exchanges offer easy to understand plans such as platinum, gold, silver or bronze to meet the individual’s needs. All the plan levels offer the basics, or “essential health benefits” such as preventive and wellness services. Also included in the basics are prescription plans and coverage for hospital stays.

With a completed application, you may qualify for enrollment into a Healthcare Insurance Exchange. Depending on your household’s income, you may even qualify for free or low-cost coverage available through CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) or Medicaid.

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